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What is the Source of Joy?
            This new Ebook will point you to that source.

The Source of Joy by Glen Averill













Christian joy does not mean that you walk around all the time with a grin so wide that it looks like you could eat a banana sideways. No, joy in Christ goes much deeper. Such joy is divine. It comes from the Holy Spirit who is within you if you are a Christian, and cannot be produced or conjured up by a human being. You may be suffering in many ways and still know His joy.

The purpose of this eBook and this ministry is to explore Christian joy and peace—the joy and peace that comes only by knowing that your sins are all forgiven, and that you have been declared “not guilty” by God the Father, through the imputed righteousness and sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Lord.

After many years in the ministry and working with the Christian public through journalism, I have found that not too many Christians seem to be experiencing the joy that belongs to them in Christ. I want to help people renew their passion for Jesus Christ, and experience more of His joy.

The Source of Joy eBook:

·        Will point you to the true and lasting source of joy.

·        Is brief enough to be read over and over again.

·        Discusses how Christian joy relates to pain, suffering, prayer, worship, and more.

·        Directs you to other resources that discuss joy in Christ.

·        Can be downloaded to your computer, and even printed out.

·        The Ebook is just $4.95 with free shipping.

Source of Joy Ministries wants you to share how God has filled your heart with joy, even in the midst of difficult times. You can share with us by calling Glen Averill at 913-593-1850 or e-mailing him at Glen’s mailing address is 20914 W. 117th Street, Olathe, KS, 66061.

In the near future, we will also feature resources and links that will help you in your daily walk with the Lord. Also, you can receive our free weekly e-mail newsletter called Notes of Joy! Take note of the subscribe button at the bottom left of this page.

In his ebook, The Source of Joy, Christian author and journalist, Glen Averill, points you to the Source of all true joy and peace. The Source of Joy is an ebook that helps you see the truth about Jesus Christ as revealed in the Word of God. 

You can order the Ebook for just $4.95 by clicking on the following link:
After getting to the shopping page, scroll down, to find the The Source of Joy.

You may think that true joy is hard to find and that it is even harder to keep. Let The Source of Joy guide you to that true and lasting joy! 

May God bless and strengthen you as you abide in Christ Jesus the Lord who is your only Source of lasting joy and peace!

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